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Advantages of Different Types of Tree Pruning

Pruning is very necessary as it reduces the risk of tree failure. When a tree is not properly pruned, the branches may become too close to power lines or windows, which can cause major issues during any sort of storm.

Crown Pruning

Crown Pruning is one of the most known types of pruning. This is done by removing branches that are dying, dead, or torn. It can be difficult for the trimmer individual to know exactly what branches need to be removed. An experienced tree service worker usually has an eye for trees and knows what to do. For some, it is natural to quickly identify which branches should be pruned enough to keep the tree in good shape.

Cutting off the branches that are dead, or broken helps open up the crown of the tree. This allows increased airflow, which is very healthy for the tree. It is also a good idea to remove any extra leaves and branches to reduce heavy weight on a limb. Arborists limit the amount of foliage to be removed from a tree to around less than 25% of the tree.


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Dead Pruning

Safety: Pruning removes deadwood that could break off and fall during storms. This is why pruned trees are less likely to have limbs or branches break during storms, which helps keep your property from damage.

Good Health: When your tree is more grown-up, your arborist will usually prune your tree to thin its dense canopy or take away the weak branches. By removing these branches, your tree’s shape will improve.
When it is pruned properly, extracted tree branches will not grow back. Rather, the tree will grow what looks like a sort of callous over the pruning cut area, which helps protect the tree from rot and infection.


Pollarding is another method of pruning that keeps trees and shrubs smaller than they would grow normally. It stops trees from overgrowing into the environment around them. In urban areas, it can be quite necessary to trim where trees might hinder neighboring properties or overhead cables.

Crown reduction

Crown Reduction Pruning: a technique of pruning that is used to take down the height of a tree. Limbs are trimmed back to the sides that are at least ⅓ of the diameter of the limb being cleared. Crown reduction should be done when the root system of a large growing tree has significant decay, which makes it possibly hazardous.

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