Need Stump Grinding and Removal in Sparta or the Surrounding Area?

Tree Works provides affordable stump grinding and removal services using our state-of-the-art equipment. We’ll leave your yard clean and smooth so you can make the most of your lawn. Our stump removal service includes the removal of stumps along with cleanup and the removal of mulch.

Why use a Stump Grinder?

Other than the obvious reason because a stump is unattractive, there are other reasons to remove stumps separate from the aesthetics of your scenery. Rotting stumps are a habitat for wood-destroying insects like termites or ants. The quickest way to put your structures in danger of damage is by inviting termites and ants onto your property.

A stump can continue to harbor disease and endanger your other trees if the tree was cut down because of a disease. Funguses are other issues common with stumps that could infect the surrounding foliage and landscape.

Most trees don’t simply die after being cut down. Massive root systems will continue to support a stump resulting in new growth. Even after a stump removal, some methods leave enough roots that the tree may still attempt to regrow. At Tree Works, we guarantee to take care of these problems leaving you with peace of mind to reseed or replant the area and restore the beauty of your landscaping.
Stump Grinding Big and Tall Tree Works Sparta TN

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Stump Removal Big and Tall Tree Works Sparta TN

How We Remove Stumps

Unskilled or unequipped stump removers or landscapers may attempt to remove stumps with a mixture of excavators, chain saws, shovels, and chains. This does a lot of damage to the surrounding landscape and is a very labor-intensive method. We use stump grinders to perform stump removal at Tree Works. Stump grinders are specially designed pieces of machinery that use a fast-spinning blade to diminish the stump to a heap of wood shavings.

Stumps are ground down several inches below grade giving you options of how you want to rehabilitate the area; like grass, landscaping, or even a new tree. Additionally, because of the heavy-duty nature of our stump grinding equipment, much of the leftover root system is removed along with the stump, which prevents regrowth in the future ensuring a long-term solution to that eyesore on your landscape.