No Tree Removal project is
too Big and Tall!

Tree Works has been safely and efficiently removing trees for over 15 years collectively. If you are sick of looking at a dead tree in your yard, have a tree that is a safety risk to your family or your home, or want to remove a home for pests like raccoons and squirrels, we are here to help! We work and live in the Sparta, TN area and provide expert tree removal to homeowners and commercial properties all over Middle Tennessee.

If you find yourself having to remove a tree on your property, don’t make the mistake of hiring amateurs or put yourself in danger of getting seriously injured by going up on a wobbly ladder with your chainsaw. Tree removal is a very involved and potentially dangerous job, requiring a combination of skill, sound judgment, and quality equipment to do it safely, efficiently, and with as little impact on your property as possible. 

Tree Removal Project Big and Tall Tree Works Sparta TN

We are fully licensed and insured highly trained professionals that come well equipped to handle your tree removal project with precision and speed.

Remove Trees Big and Tall Tree Works Sparta TN

With any tree removal project our expert team can:

  • Remove trees blocking driveways 
  • Cut down dead or dying trees
  • Remove trees fallen on structures
  • Remove debris from fallen trees
  • Offer Stump grinding

You Don’t Pay Until the Work is Complete! So you can count on our team with complete peace of mind!

Our team has access to top-of-the-line tools and equipment, including an industrial wood chipper. This lets us haul away the tree remnants, so you don’t find yourself left with a pile of wood that would take you forever to get through if you just used a home fireplace! We might also use a bucket truck or progressive climbing techniques and technical rigging to get your tree down. Because we own three bucket trucks, we are able to offer very competitive pricing, and our crew is very comfortable and experienced with this method of tree removal.  Using bucket trucks is becoming the favored method for tree removal so you can take the tree down in pieces rather than have it all fall on your land. 

Not only can we protect your home, but our team of tree service professionals is also trained to deal with trees and limbs that are located near power lines and utility lines. This way we can ensure the safety of you, your property, and our crew.

Do you need tree removal in Sparta, Tennessee, or the surrounding area? We can provide you with a complimentary estimate for your tree removal project, or other services such as stump grinding and pruning services.