Professional Tree Trimmers in Bon Air TN

We provide the most effective tree service in Bon Air and the local area. By training our crews with the best safety practices, we can confidently offer the best care for your trees. Rest easy, knowing that your home or business is in experienced hands with Tall Tree Works. No Tree Removal project is too Big and Tall!

Why Choose Tree Works?

  • We have over 15 years of tree service experience so you can be sure we will do the job safely and correctly.
  • We take exceptional pride in our work and protect your landscape surrounding the tree removal or trimming site.
  • We are committed to our customer's complete satisfaction.

Big and Tall Tree Works Bon Air TN

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The Bon Air Tree Removal Crew can handle any project!

With any tree removal project our expert team can:

  • Remove trees blocking driveways
  • Cut down dead or dying trees
  • Remove trees fallen on structures
  • Remove debris from fallen trees

Tree removal service in Bon Air can present issues when working close to structures. Tree removal, whether big or small, necessitates cautious dismantling by highly trained tree service professionals using the proper tools to ensure your safety and the protection of your home and property. The tree removal process includes safely lowering branches, chipping any brush, removing wood, and cleaning up all debris.

No job is too Big and Tall for our Expert Tree Trimmers!

Tree Trimming Services

  • Tree Health Care
  • Tree Removal
  • Pruning
  • Risk Assessment

Do you have trees in need of trimming or pruning?

We provide high quality tree pruning for big and small trees. Working on large trees is something that happens while pruning, so experience and the use of the appropriate equipment is highly important. This is not only for the safety of the individual(s) pruning the tree but also for any property near the tree, such as homes, businesses, or automobiles. Other factors must be factored in as well when trimming trees that are near electrical power lines or have electrical lines running within their branches.

Hire Professional Tree Trimmers to Make Sure the Job is Done Right

Our seasoned crew has all the necessary safety equipment, liability insurance, and of course the knowledge that can only come with experience.

Need Stump Grinding and Removal in Bon Air TN?

Why use a Stump Grinder?

Stumps are often cut fairly close to the ground. In some cases, like if the stump is stabilizing a steep grade, it can be preferable to leave the stump. Most of the time, however, stump removal is preferable. Stump grinding (stump cutting) is the best stump removal technique. Stump-grinding machines can grind the stump down to below grade.

24 Hour Emergency Tree Removal Service

Emergency Tree Services include:

  • Remove trees blocking driveways
  • Remove trees fallen on structures
  • Remove debris from fallen trees
  • 24/7 Availability

We are experienced professionals that come well equipped to handle your emergency tree clean-up needs swiftly and precisely.

Tree Works has a well trained team of tree service experts, so we’ll have the knowledge and equipment necessary to take down whole trees or clean up broken branches in a safe and efficient manner. With our team, you don’t need to fear for your family, home, business, vehicles, or property. We carefully choose the best combination of techniques and equipment for the situation in order to get your tree on the ground and cleaned up quickly and safely.

Fully Licensed & Insured Tree Trimmers with Over 15 Years of Experience.

You Don’t Pay Until the Work is Complete!

Fun Facts About Bon Air TN

Bon Air is a small town located in White County, Tennessee, United States. It is an unincorporated community, meaning that it does not have its own governing body and is governed by the county directly.

The history of Bon Air and its vicinity is in coal mining. It was first built near the mouth of the “Old Number One” mine, and by 1888, it contained a hastily built eleven log cabins and log boarding house. Bon Air grew rapidly once the railroad came to it. The railroad depot, additional houses, mine buildings, and a school were built. In 1981, the ground under the town began to slide down the mountain, so Bon Air was relocated to the tableland overlooking the mine entrances. The new town inherited the name, and the old one became “Old Town.”

Many more buildings were built in the new Bon Air, including several large elegant homes owned by stockholders. This expansion resulted in an influx of people, and Bon Air became the most populous town in the county, with three thousand and fifty four residents as of 1920.

Bon Air is a welcoming community, and has several churches for religious individuals. The Bon Air United Methodist Church offers a Transitions service at 9 A.M., in-person, and Sunday worship at 11:15, which is both in-person and streamed online. All of their services are in the chapel during the current renovation. There is also the Bon Air Church of God and the First Baptist Church, which offers Sunday school at 9:15 A.M. and Sunday worship at 10:30 A.M.

Tree Trimming Services Big and Tall Tree Works Bon Air TN

Tree Works is delighted to offer tree service for Bon Air TN. Their workers have all the proper safety training and equipment, so give them a call for worry-free tree removal!

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