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We present you with the most reliable tree service in the Doyle area. By concentrating on the safety and training of our crews, we are certain we provide the best care for your trees. You will be able to rest assured that your home or business is in professionals hands with Tree Works.

Why Choose Tree Works?

  • We have over 15 years of tree service experience so you can be sure we will do the job safely and correctly.
  • We take exceptional pride in our work and protect your landscape surrounding the tree removal or trimming site.
  • We are committed to our customer's complete satisfaction.

Big and Tall Tree Works Doyle TN

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With any tree removal project our specialist team can:

  • Remove trees blocking driveways
  • Cut down dead or dying trees
  • Remove trees fallen on structures
  • Remove debris from fallen trees

Tree removal service in Doyle can handle challenges when working with nearby structures. Removing trees, whether big or small, requires precise removal by highly equipped tree service professionals that use the proper tools to assure your safety and the protection of your home and property. Removing a tree includes: safely when lowering branches, chipping any brush, removing wood, and picking up all debris.

Tree Trimming Services

  • Tree Health Care
  • Tree Removal
  • Pruning
  • Risk Assessment

Do you have trees that are in need of trimming or pruning?

We provide skilled tree pruning services for big and small trees. When pruning includes working on large trees, experience and use of the right equipment is extremely important. This is not only for the safety of the people pruning the tree, but also for the property around the tree; such as homes, businesses, and cars. Other factors also have to be considered when operating on trees that are by electrical power lines or have electrical lines running within their branches.

Hire Professional Tree Trimmers to Makes Sure the Job is Done Perfectly!

Our seasoned crew has all the needed safety equipment, liability insurance, and of course the knowledge that comes only with practice.

Why use a Stump Grinder?

Stumps are normally cut reasonably close to the ground. In some cases, for example, if you are stabilizing a steep grade, it can be better to leave the stump. Most of the time, stump removal is preferred. Stump grinding or stump cutting is the preferred way of stump removal. Stump-grinding machines can crush the stump down to under grade.

Emergency Tree Services include:

  • Remove trees blocking driveways
  • Remove trees fallen on structures
  • Remove debris from fallen trees
  • 24/7 Availability

We are trained professionals that come well equipped to manage your emergency tree clean-up needs with accuracy and speed.

Tree Works has an expert team of tree service experts, so we will have the knowledge and equipment needed to take down entire trees or clean up broken branches in a safe and timely manner. This way, there will not be any danger to your family, your home, business, vehicles, or property. We carefully determine the appropriate order of techniques and equipment to get your tree down and fully cleaned up in no time and in a safe manner. 

Fully Licensed & Insured Tree Trimmers with Over 15 Years of Experience.

You Don’t Pay Until the Work is Complete!

About Doyle TN

Doyle is a very small town in White County, Tennessee, United States. With the most recent population of 591, it is the 274th largest city in Tennessee and the 1,2602nd largest city in the United States. Doyle is now growing at a rate of 1.20% each year and the population of this area has increased by 10.06% since the most recent census. In 2010, the recorded census was about 537 people. Doyle finally reached the highest recorded population of 591 people in 2021. Covering about 1.28 square miles of land, Doyle has a population quantity of 478 people per square mile. The common household income in this area is $38,560 with a failing household rate of 26.36%. The average rental cost in recent years totals up to be about $660 per month, and the median house value is $87,700. The average age in Doyle is 50 years old, around 51.2 years for males, and around 46.4 years for females. White people make up 97.28%, two or more races make up 2.72%, there is 0% black and African Americans, Native Americans, Asian, Native Hawaiian or pacific islander, or other races. Doyle, which was formerly known as Doyle Station, served as a railroad stop in the early 1880s. By about 1884, Doyle College had been established and would work in the town for over more than four decades. The history of White County Tennessee announced that at this time in the early 1880s they had about 150 residents.

Tree Trimming Services Big and Tall Tree Works Doyle TN

The small town is located along the Highland Rim at the east part of Doyle which is known as Gum Spring Mountain. The Calfkiller River empties into the Caney Fork just southeast of Doyle. Tree Works is happy to offer their Stump Removal Service to Doyle TN.

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