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We give you the highest-quality tree service near Riverwatch. With our specialist crews and innovative safety protocols, we’re certain we can have your trees removed and cleaned up after in no time. You can sleep peacefully with the knowledge that your home or business is in good hands at Tree Works. At Tree Works, there’s no such thing as a tree we can’t tackle!

Why Choose Tree Works?

  • We have over 15 years of tree service experience so you can be sure we will do the job safely and correctly.
  • We take exceptional pride in our work and protect your landscape surrounding the tree removal or trimming site.
  • We are committed to our customer's complete satisfaction.

Big and Tall Tree Works Riverwatch TN

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The Riverwatch Tree Removal Crew can handle any project!

It doesn’t matter what tree removal project we’re doing – we can:

  • Remove trees blocking driveways
  • Cut down dead or dying trees
  • Remove trees fallen on structures
  • Remove debris from fallen trees

Here in Riverwatch, tree removal service can be a hassle – all those buildings, hills, and similar obstacles can be a real pain. That’s why you have us to do it, instead of having to do it yourself! Removing a tree, regardless of what or how large, is very dangerous without proper training; thankfully, our professionals have just the skills to manage the job. Tree removal includes such tasks as lowering branches, wood removal, cleaning out brush, and cleaning out debris in general.

No job is too Big and Tall for our Expert Tree Trimmers!

Tree Trimming Services

  • Tree Health Care
  • Tree Removal
  • Pruning
  • Risk Assessment

If you have trees that you find to require trimming or pruning, we’ve got just the thing.

Our experts can provide tree pruning for any tree, no matter the size. When we prune a tree, we make sure to adhere to the utmost to company safety protocols so that the safety of you and your property is assured. Perhaps most importantly, electrical wiring and similar structures must also be considered. Neither we nor you would want an electrical fire, after all!

Make certain to hire certified tree trimmers to have the job done right!

Here at Big and Tall Tree Works, our well-rounded crew has the experience, the knowledge, and the equipment to get the job done with minimal worrying.

Need Stump Grinding and Removal in Riverwatch TN?

What’s the reason to use a stump grinder?

Stumps are often cut relatively close to ground level. However, sometimes you want to leave a stump; it might be stabilizing a steep hill, for example. It should be noted that stump removal is usually favored over leaving a stump, and that’s where grinding comes in. Stump grinding is the preferred procedure for stump removal; stump grinders can grind a stump down below the grade of the surrounding area.

24 Hour Emergency Tree Removal Service

Emergency Tree Services include:

  • Remove trees blocking driveways
  • Remove trees fallen on structures
  • Remove debris from fallen trees
  • 24/7 Availability

Our qualified experts come with the equipment and the experience to handle your emergency tree clean-up needs with unparalleled precision and speed.

We have a seasoned team of tree service professionals, with the equipment and experience to take down entire trees – or clean up some branches, both in such a way so as to protect you, your family, and your property. Here at Tree Works, we evaluate the situation carefully before choosing our course of action. That way, we can clean up your tree with maximum safety and minimum time.

Fully Licensed & Insured Tree Trimmers with Over 15 Years of Experience.

You Don’t Pay Until the Work is Complete!

Fun Facts About Riverwatch TN

Riverwatch is a town in Tennessee. Its somewhat out-of-the-way location may make finding it difficult, but once you get there, it’s an absolute gem.

Churches in Riverwatch, Tennessee

Riverwatch has four churches: Bear Cove Baptist Church, Christpoint Church, Blessed Hope Baptist Church, and Oakwood Street Church of Christ. All four of those come with high recommendations. Let’s look at Bear Cove first.

Bear Cove Baptist Church

Bear Cove Baptist Church is committed to sharing God’s love with its community and the nation in general; and, for that matter, the entire world. Its purpose is to bring individuals to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. That may sound lofty, but they’ve got what it takes. Their mission? To delight in God. They believe that Jesus’s mission in the world today is for humanity to enjoy him as supremely as we love one another. If you’re looking for a church where God’s Word is proclaimed and where every believer is considered part of God’s family, you might want to look at Bear Cove Baptist Church. As aforementioned, Bear Cove seeks to delight in God. What does that mean? They love God because he first loved them. They celebrate His Word. They find hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ. They seek to draw nearer to God. And they love people as Christ commanded them to.

Blessed Hope Baptist Church

As with Bear Cove Baptist Church, Blessed Hope Baptist Church also comes with high recommendations. Visitors say that they enjoy their visit tremendously. One particular visitor listened to one of the church’s radio broadcasts and decided to remark on it, commenting that the preaching they heard was original “old school” Baptist preaching, the sort that doesn’t show up anymore.

Oakwood Street Church of Christ

Oakwood Street Church of Christ offers the following programs: prayer groups, support groups, care groups, and prayer meetings. They also offer counseling.

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