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Emergency Tree Removal After A Storm

Steps For the Clean-Up After Storms…

Having your neighbors trees on your property and items can be very annoying. Heavy winds, snow, hail, and ice can be a huge problem when it comes to the weight on trees. When winter storms are moving through the area, you could start to see harm to your property. You may start to notice trunks and branches all over your land or your neighbors which is no good. When people try to fix these problems quickly and with their own tools is when problems arise. And a lot of the time they end up hurting themselves. Property owners often attempt to move all of the huge broken tree limbs from their home. A lot of times these situations end on the not so great side, and sometimes with big injuries or even death.

For homeowners considering doing the job themselves, here is some safety steps to go by for safe tree and brush removal:

First, if a power line has fallen:

  • Do not get near! Just assume that any line down has energy.
  • Call the electric company right away and do not wait.
  • Avoid touching things near the line and be sure that people are aware and stay away from the line. Being in contact with these lines can be the reason you get electrocuted.
  • Be aware that they can be buried in brush and debris. Take safety precautions; call a tree care expert company.

Second, when choosing to try removing a tree or big branch yourself:

Take in mind the size and area of the tree. If the work needs you to leave the area or if the tree is more than 20 feet tall you will want to call a tree care professional that knows what they’re doing. Do not bother to do any tree work from a ladder.

Take a good look at the shape and size of the tree. Examine the trunk for crumbling, weak spots and hanging branches. Search for any metal or concrete around the tree. If you see any of these, the tree could be dangerous and you should take extra safety measures before the tree is removed.

Walk around and look for anything like power lines, broken pieces, vehicles, or bushes. All of these will interfere with the removal process. Keep in mind other people and neighbors in the area as well. You don’t want anyone to roam over near the danger zone.

Even the smallest trees bent under pressure can be extremely hazardous. Do not cut wood that seems as if it could easily snap (the ends could be trapped under something).

Ask yourself important questions like, “What will happen when I cut this limb or tree down?” Take into consideration all the possibilities.
Plan a route to move quickly from the falling tree or piece before you cut it.

Do not use a chainsaw for tree removal unless you have many years of experience. Even tree care experts face injuries from using chainsaws. Tree and branch removals are very inconstant.

Don’t risk possibly putting you or your loved ones in danger when you can contact Tree Works for all of your needs today!

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