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How To Handle a Dead Tree

Oftentimes homeowners see something about a tree of theirs they find odd. Many times they report the tree as dead – but a tree is only dead if it is not bearing leaves. If it’s not dead, however, that doesn’t mean it’s in good health; if you’re one such homeowner, there’s a definite possibility that something is wrong with your tree. At Tree Works, we’re more than willing to assist you if you think something isn’t quite right with one of your trees.

Is My Tree Sick?

Sick and/or dying trees have multiple symptoms. We’ve assembled a list of some of those here.

  • Bark: If the bark of your tree is peeling off, it’s in trouble. It likely isn’t dead yet, but if you don’t take action soon, it will be. When a tree’s bark is peeling off or there are many cracks in the trunk, the tree is declining. Bark is the protective layer of a tree, and doesn’t usually peel off unless the tree is dying, though the tree could also be lacking in nutrients.

  • Branches: If the branches of your tree are falling off more often than you suspect is normal, something’s up; sick or dying trees lose branches more often.

  • Animals: If animals are nesting in the tree, that may also be a symptom of a problem.

  • Mushrooms: If mushrooms and other fungi appear on your tree, it’s likely not doing too well. Similarly, a large patch of mushrooms appearing unexpectedly near the roots could indicate that your tree is dying or at least on its way there.

What Should I Do?

Give us a call. We’re experts in handling dead or injured trees and will be happy to assist you – after all, it’s not your job to know everything about trees there is to know. That’s what we do so that you don’t have to.

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