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How To Help a Tree Grow Big and Strong

What is the true secret to growing healthy, trees? The care you provide for your trees in the early stages of their growth will alter the way they are shaped, their strength, and their life span. In their first several years, young trees consume a lot of energy to place their roots in the soil. They are very sensitive to heat and dehydration, so study up on some good tree tips, and you can provide your trees with the most suitable environment for their growth, and be confident they are getting the best care.

Tree Watering

Nursery experts will tell you that the best way to soak your soil is by slow, deep watering on a fixed schedule. For the best health, you should have damp, but not soggy soil. This way it will dry for small periods at a time to let enough oxygen to enter the soil. Tree watering bags are also an easy way to bypass the common issue of over-watering, which can be as harmful as not supplying enough water.

The bag is put on the ground nearby the tree, where it can let out water over a 4-6 hour time span. It can be used for all types of trees and plants, from freshly planted to about 6” in width. The tree watering bags let the soil stay moist up to a depth that covers all the roots and helps your tree grow faster.

Using mulch together with an organized watering system is also very effective. Spreading natural mulch on the ground around the tree will also help keep the soil safe from harsh temperatures and keep the right amount of moisture held in. Furthermore, it helps stop root conflict from weeds by stopping their growth.


While developing, your garden is at risk with animals of all kinds. You also need to consider wind, chemical sprays, and devices. Using tree shelters/wraps or deer tubes will protect young trees for about 4-8 years and build a greenhouse-like environment that helps seedling development. You can buy all different sizes of these tubes that are made to protect trees and plants from rabbits, deer, or any other destructive creatures. These shelters are helpful for gardens or field plants.

Pruning and Disease maintenance

Lastly, careful pruning and keeping pests and diseases out are also major factors in healthy tree life. It is important to prune at the right time of year and with the right tools. The technique is very important and needed early in the life of the tree. This will give it the very best shape and a longer life span. Never trim trees in the fall.

Pests and diseases are a regular threat to trees and bushes. It is worth spending some time researching and getting to know more about certain threats possible in your garden. Your local Cooperative Extension Service should be happy to explain and answer any questions you may have in regards to helping your trees grow big and strong.

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