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How To Prevent Storm Damage from Trees

Deterioration from weak, old, or diseased trees can cause expensive and hazardous damage to your home and property. When regular tree maintenance is pushed to the side and there is neglect to try and keep them healthy, when high winds and severe storms come through, those trees can become uprooted or branches can break and fall. This can cause major damage to your house, vehicle, or anything else on your property that happens to be unfortunate enough to be in the way.

What Makes A Tree More Exposed to Storm Damage?

There are a multitude of factors that can cause a tree weaker and consequently more hazardous and exposed to deterioration, especially during intense wind conditions. One of these ways that most homeowners don’t expect, is a tree with open wounds that are caused by branches breaking off over time. These spaces in a tree construct a pathway for bugs or birds to penetrate the tree and cause deterioration by interfering with the nutrient flow or making it easier for disease to spread.

Another cause of a tree’s probability of injury during storms is a tree having too much growth which blocks wind from flowing through, especially in something top-heavy where there hasn’t been thinning of branches to allow this natural process. This can generate the danger of branches cracking and falling onto your property, or for the whole tree to topple over in the wind. In addition to this overgrowth, a tree that has been infected by fungus can lead to trunk rot which weakens the structure of the tree trunk and branches.

Tree Services That Help Prevent Storm Damage

There are many types of tree services that can assist in preventing damage from a less-than-healthy tree, so consulting a specialist to evaluate your trees and their condition to withstand storms is a great place to start.

Storm Damage Tree Services

Deadwood Removal

Deadwood removal is the perfect place to start when you want to prevent damage from trees during storms. This service involves removing any dead branches or deadwood sections from a tree to increase the overall safety of your property. Limbs that are dead or dying can be extremely hazardous during a windstorm since they are going to be the most likely part to break and fall, which can cause costly damage to your home, driveway, or even car. Not to mention it can put you or your loved ones in danger. The best way to lower this threat is to have a specialist assess the condition of your tree and then remove any dead branches that could be damaged during windy situations. There is more benefit to doing this aside from reducing direct risk during a storm. Removing deadwood also helps protect the healthy wood of the tree from bug infestations damaging the tree which will weaken the structure of the tree over time.

Crown Thinning

If your trees look healthy, but you are still worried about them causing damage during a storm, services like crown thinning can help. This process works by thinning foliage to allow more airflow to pass throughout the tree crown. This decreases the wind drag on the branches and leaves and gives the wind the ability to go through the tree rather than being blocked by overgrown branches and thus forcefully pushing against the tree potentially uprooting the whole thing.

Need Emergency Tree Removal?

Supporting the health of your trees is an important step in storm damage prevention. Even if you do everything right, there can still be a chance of a tree or part of a tree falling on your home, car, or property. We offer 24/7 emergency tree removal in these situations and will come out and get the tree sectioned off so it can be removed so damage control can be started.

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