Local History in Downtown Sparta TN

For those who are residing in or visiting Sparta, TN, you need to go and visit their downtown. Although it is a small country town, the local history runs deep. There are so many historic sites and monuments you can visit. You will be extremely pleased at the downtown area and what all it has to offer. Also not only will this help you expand your knowledge about Tennessee’s history, but it will allow you to look at Sparta with a whole different perspective. 

One of the town’s highlights is the city cemetery. It is located on the west side of the town and is overlooking the local park. This cemetery was used for many residents in the 1800s and also for the Civil War veterans. In 1810, the land was converted into a small school building. However in 1886, it was torn down and completely converted into a full cemetery.

 As previously mentioned, many heroes and well-known people are buried here. Alexander Lowery,one of the biggest land donors in Sparta, is buried here. Daniel Clark, the man who helped put Sparta ahead in its economical development and Dr. Madison Fisk, one of the first medical doctors in Sparta is also buried at this cemetery. Some of the war heros who are buried here are a captain in the War of 1812; Confederate Colonel Stephen H. Coins; Confederate General George Dibrell, who served with General Nathan B. Forrest; and Anthony Dibrell, a Revolutionary war soldier. 

The cemetery is cared for and maintained extremely well. Many are surprised at how clean and top-notch it looks compared to other ones. In fact after a storm, they send out workers for emergency tree removal in Sparta to clean up any collateral damages. Some of the citizens have turned the cemetery into a historic site and use it for local field trips, picture backgrounds, etc. You will be surprised at how creative some of the folks can get! 

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