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Pruning Trees in Spring

New Year, New Shoots

Is springtime about to roll around on the calendar? It’s best to get prepared beforehand, and most of the time the natural world doesn’t adhere to the calendar anyway; your home could easily be in springtime right now, even if the calendar doesn’t say so. Which leads to the question of what you should do when you have an overzealous tree on your property, and you think it needs pruning this spring.

Trees And Spring Pruning

It’s possible to prune a tree in spring. Depending on the tree and how far along it is in springtime, that may or may not be a good idea. Usually, the best time to prune a tree is during its dormant season (since they’re less likely to be hit by pest infestation or disease), but there are exceptions to that. We’ll be covering some here.

Early Spring

If you’re pruning your tree during early spring, you can safely remove damaged, dead, dying or overgrown branches, but try not to remove much if anything else. Don’t remove more than 10-20% of branches during any one year for a small, medium, or young tree. For a mature tree, do your best to remove less than 10%.

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What To Prune?

Generally speaking, if you’re pruning a tree in spring, take extra precautions to avoid spreading infections and similar problems from tree to tree, like sanitizing pruning tools after each use. In terms of what to prune, however, you should be looking to do two things with your spring pruning: keep your tree and home safe (by removing dead, dying, decaying, or broken branches), and optionally do some minimal, and we do mean minimal, tree shaping for aesthetic purposes or to maintain clearance and sightlines.

If you ever feel like you don’t know what to do, we at Tree Works would be happy to send a certified arborist your way to help out. Just give us a call, and remember, no tree is too big or too tall!

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