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Summer Tree Care Tips

This summer make it your top priority to make sure your trees thrive in warm and dry conditions. Continue reading on to learn the best tree care tips for perfect healthy trees.

Conserve water and Grow trees

Conserve water and save your trees by engaging in these tips and guidelines:

  • Deep watering. Young trees have to be regularly watered for the best health and to prevent diseases. Deep watering prevents damaged roots that may form and support the growth of new roots occurring underground.
  • Keep an eye out for drought and plant stress. Do you notice any leaves shriveling, turning yellow, curling or browning at the ends? If so, make sure you keep soil wet once a week up to 6 inches below the surface. Your soil should stay rather moist but not drenched.
  • Check your watering methods for leaks, stopped up water ways or drippers. When the tree matures keep the drippers away from it. Make sure to always apply water near the line of the tree and even a bit past.
  • Your regular lawn watering will not give your trees the needed irrigation.
    Lawn irrigation or running sprinklers for only a few minutes will bring on weak top roots.

Change out your mulch

Mulch is necessary to help hold in moisture. Over the summer months, you should replenish the mulch under your tree. If you have never mulched your trees, take the time to cover the soil with a very simple 3- 5 inch layer of mulch. Start the mulch a few inches from the bottom of its trunk and spread it out 2 feet from the tree in every direction, making a complete circle.

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Regularly trim for healthy growth

Pruning your trees improves the trees health and encourages strong growth. The best fit time to prune is when trees are in their dormant stage. This is normally fall and winter months. However, it is also very beneficial to maintain your trees over the summer tokeep up with any dead, damaged, or diseased branches. Moreover, mature trees should be discarded of any heavy weight from the tips of branches. Summer is a great time to trim back all blooming trees that are no longer producing flowers.

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