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Trees That Can Stand Against Powerful Storms

Trees are the longest-living organisms on the Earth, but once damaged, they cannot heal ­themselves as our bodies can. Big storms can have a huge impact on trees and can be very damaging.

The Beaufort Wind Scale rates how intense wind is, and like the Fujita Scale measures tornadoes and the Saffir-Simpson Scale measures hurricanes. When winds reach up to a 10 on the Beaufort Wind Scale, it means they are strong enough to ruin or uproot a tree. Gusts of wind that­ are strong probably mean you are in the middle of a hurricane, tornado, or some kind of natural disaster. Fierce thunderstorms can send insane blows to trees as well, especially ones that are older, weaker, and not taken care of. ­

Unfortunately, there are no trees that are 100% weatherproof. First, a tree’s structure cannot withstand hurricane or tornado-force wind forces on its own. Wood roots can change positions in response to the wind, which causes trees to move but only up to a certain point. Trees with the strongest wood in the world are not naturally planted in the United States. You will find those tropical hardwoods, like teaks and ebony, in the southeast part of Asia and other warmer areas.

Some more known varieties are stronger than others when the weather starts increasing. Live oaks, ginkgos, and sweetgum trees are listed with the more storm and ice-resistant trees. Research conducted by a University of Florida scientist showed that the sand live oak trees are the most resistant to wind damage from bad weather. Other good choices include the Southern magnolia, live oak, crape myrtle, bald cypress, and sabal palm. You will want to stay away from brittle birches, beeches, and dogwoods if you live in an area that is known for strong weather.

To bring down the chances of storm-related tree damage, planting the hardiest species is not the only option available. Caring for the health of trees is very important. Properly taking care of a beautiful birch can help keep your property tended to as much as replacing it with an oak tree. Providing this tender care requires a little time and effort, but becoming a young professional arborist is much simpler than getting broken tree pieces hauled away after a storm calms down. If you are expecting a strong storm where you live, you can give a tree trunk extra protection by surrounding it with protective material like a row cover, plastic cover, or even some burlap.

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