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What Can You Do About a Storm Damaged Tree?

Storm-damaged trees are more than just unsightly. They are dangerous, and can be lethal without the proper treatment. Storm-damaged trees are a serious issue that cannot be ignored without risking major damage to your property or life. Anyone with large trees on their property should know about storm-damaged trees, both how to prevent the trees from becoming damaged, and how to handle it when it happens.

Definition of Post-Storm Tree Damage

Generally, when property is damaged after a storm, it is the result of falling branches or trees that were themselves damaged by the storm. There are varying degrees of damage that can apply to both the trees and your property.

Mild Tree Damage

Minimal or mild damage is where only a few branches have been taken out, none large enough to deal noteworthy damage to property. There may be some broken branches and torn bark on trees as well, but overall, mild damage is not very concerning.

Moderate Tree Damage

In moderate tree damage, a tree will often have lost one or more structurally-important limbs, making it unstable and liable to fall. There could also be a hanging limb that could cause property damage if it were to break off. Moderate tree damage is concerning and you should at least keep an eye on it to ensure it doesn’t turn into something worse.

Major Tree Damage

This most severe category includes fallen trees and leaning ones that seem likely to fall. Huge limbs being broken off would also fall into this category.

Storm Damage

Does Home Insurance Cover Tree Storm Damage?

This is a question many people have. The only answer that can be completely given is that it depends on the insurance company. But, generally, insurance will usually cover the damage if the tree falls on a structure. Structures include any permanent fixture, from fences and sheds to your house itself. But, if the tree does not damage one of these, you’re most likely out of luck, even if it does damage something else like your lawn or even your car.

Insurance will not cover things with potential to cause damage that have not. If you’re aiming to remove a dangerously hanging large limb from a tree that has not yet done damage, you won’t be getting insurance coverage unless you have a quite unusual insurance company.

Overall, the best thing for this is to contact your insurance provider to find out their policies on the matter.

If you need some damaged trees cleared up, we here at Tree Works would be glad to do the job. We can also remove dangerously dangling limbs to ensure your safety. If you need one of these, don’t hesitate to schedule a free quote!

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