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What Should You Do When a Branch Breaks Off a Tree

Branches breaking off trees is a common event. Usually caused by natural occurrences like loud thunder, lightning, strong gales, or thick ice, broken branches are ugly and can be a danger to the tree or your property. Therefore, you should attend to broken branches as soon as possible.

Here’s what to do when a tree has one or more broken branches:

Survey the damages

Before anything else, you need to assess the broken branches. Is the trunk broken? What about major limbs? How severe are the tree’s wounds? Can you clear off broken branches and fix damages on your own? Is the tree beyond help?

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Prune broken branches

If the tree isn’t an obvious goner, you can begin by clearing off and pruning broken branches. Do this with caution to make sure you don’t further damage the tree. If any large branches are hanging over power lines, get professional assistance to avoid costly accidents.

Check for and repair wounds

The tree should look better after getting rid of broken branches. Next, you can repair ripped bark by using a knife to smooth jagged edges. This will help the tree heal, and no further treatment is necessary.

Part with the tree

Some trees sustain too heavy damage to ever recover. If there’s major trunk damage, it’s a goner. Unless you’re experienced in the job, don’t try to cut a tree yourself, especially if it’s near vulnerable property such as cars or buildings. Instead, contact a professional for assistance.

Hire a professional

If this all sounds like too much work, you can go the easy route and hire a professional. There are several cases that only a trained professional can handle safely and properly, such as if there is hidden damage.

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